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Market Review

Prospects of the Investment Climate of Ukraine 2010-07-21

Improvement of investment climate is one of the most important challenges which are solving by the majority of countries. The crisis still continues to exist in the world economy

Investing in Ukraine under Crisis Conditions 2010-04-25

The decline of economy which was accompanied by a sharp production and investment recession affected most of the world. According to the UNCTAD’s report the global volume of foreign investment in 2009 reduced for 39% or up to 1 trillion USD. For comparison, this indicator in 2008 made up 1.7 trillion USD.

Forecast in Financing 2009-03-17

Within global financial recession domestic financial institutions are unable to meet full business needs. Ukrainian banks got the opportunity to give loans only of the funds available.

Investment climate of Ukraine 2009-01-31

Ukraine with its unique location in the centre of European market and with compared to developed European countries cheap and in the same time skilled enough and well-educated labor force can be the ideal place for investment placement in the nearest future on the background of the World recession.

Foreign investments amid challenges of financial market development in Ukraine 2006-11-30

The issue of attracting investments into the economy of Ukraine has been the cornerstone of numerous disputes, discussions, researches and developments since Ukraine appeared on the world political map as an independent state.

Is Ukraine the perspective player in the market of outsourcing? 2006-08-08

After the events known as "orange revolution", Ukraine predicts new economic prospects, development on model of new members of EU (Poland, etc.), substantial growth of foreign investments (in 3-4 times in 2005), etc.

Recommendations of Third International Financial Forum 2005-09-15

Having considered the modern state and prospects of the home financial market development under the terms of globalization of investment processes, the participants of the Third International Financial Forum mark the following.

Investment Project: Ukraine 2005-05-16

Ukraine enters into 21 century as a state, dynamically developing and actively aiming at the engagement in social and economic processes of the modern world, the integration in the European Community.