Consulting service Ukraine

Local Knowledge

MAYGER is your local professional Ukraine partner.

Local Knowledge is the keystone to your success business in Ukraine.

The consulting company's specialists have deep knowledge and practical experience of important sectors of the Ukraine economy. Our professional, qualified managers, lawyers, market analysts, designers, planners, financial experts, analysts have creative approach, great experience in economic, legal and business processes of the Ukraine economy.

With Ukraine Consulting Company MAYGER you are always sure that you will cooperate with professional and dedicated people who always reach a common goal – steady success of your business in Ukraine.


The basis of our work is confidentiality of information. We guarantee our Customers and Partners full observance of confidentiality of commercial information.

International Standards

MAYGER develops projects in Ukraine according to international standards allowing obtaining the best profitability and maximizing the asset value.

Customer Oriented Approach

We use Creative & Reliable solutions and individual approach to each project in Ukrainein order to select the most successful strategy.

Reliable Solution

Our services are not just local market knowledge based on analysis and experience; they also include timeliness, quality and responsibility at each stage of the project.

Successful experience, autonomy and independence in decision - makes MAYGER your reliable local professional Ukraine partner!