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Legal services in Ukraine, Legal Support Ukraine

Ukraine Consulting Company MAYGER is specializing on a wide range of legal services in Ukraine and legal support Ukraine according the goals and strategy of your business based on Ukraine legislation. The company's specialists have deep knowledge and practical experience of Ukraine Law, Commercial Law, International Trade, Antitrust and Competition, Banking and Finance Law, Public-private partnerships (PPP), Concessions and infrastructure, Intellectual property, Acquisitions, Litigation and Arbitration, IPR, Employment and Administrative Law as well as Tax optimization, Lobbying and Government Relations, Real Estate and Construction, Corporate Law and M & A, investment Ukraine and tax law. In recent years, we have also established strong practices in various other legal fields, notably, Public Procurement. Such Practices as Capital Markets and IPOs play an increasing role in the company activities.

The company provides fast and flexible legal services in Ukraine to entities of different economy sectors including Hotels and Resorts, Real Estate and Construction, Shipbuilding, Agriculture, Finance, Energy and Infrastructure.

Among the clients of consulting company MAYGER are investors and funds, private and public companies, financing institutions, holding companies, international operators, etc. The company specialists are leading lawyers and attorneys.


  • Litigation and Arbitration
  • Commercial Law
  • Taxation
  • International trade
  • Antitrust and Competition
  • Banking and Finance Law
  • Public-private partnerships (PPP) concessions and infrastructure
  • Intellectual property
  • Corporate Law and M & A
  • Lobbying and Government Relations


Law Services

  • Acquiring licenses, approvals and permissions
  • Acquisition financial scheme development, conveyancing
  • Acquisition, construction or operation of infrastructure assets
  • Acquisitions and disposals (asset and share deals)
  • Agreements development or correction
  • Agricultural easements
  • Analyses, coordination and support of agreement relations between owners and management company, franchise agreements development
  • Antitrust  legislation
  • Certification and standardization of equipment and vessels
  • Closing a business (bankruptcy)
  • Collateral support, agreements development
  • Company registration Ukraine
  • Complex services on licensing to local and foreign banks
  • Complex support of foreign companies in Ukraine
  • Comprehensive support of foreign and local construction companies (tendering, licensing, etc.)
  • Concluding (signing) sale contracts on behalf of the Customer as well as executing other deals on behalf of the Customer for the purpose of purchasing a property,
  • Creation of agricultural enterprises and holdings in Ukraine
  • Cross-border syndications and structured finance transactions support
  • Development and\or negotiating, entering into lease agreements, mortgage, lease and management contracts
  • Development of agreements (sale and purchase, exploitation, exploration, concession, etc.)
  • Development of regulations and legal entities registration
  • Dispute resolution
  • Dispute resolution in construction activity
  • Disputes resolution on maritime and environmental law
  • Documents legalization,
  • Employing workers (employment law),
  • Encumbrances processing
  • Enforcing contracts (commercial litigation),
  • Expert's conclusions on Ukraine legislation
  • Full legal support of foreign banks in setting up their branches, fillies and offices in Ukraine
  • General contractor,  subcontract agreements
  • Getting credit (collateral law),
  • Liquidation of legal entity by decision of owner
  • Leasing and project finance transactions
  • Legal addresses
  • Legal advice on corporate governance, regulatory and commercial issues
  • Legal due diligence Ukraine
  • Legal services Ukraine - registrations of legal entity (limited liability company – LLC, private enterprise – PE, daughter enterprise DE)
  • Legal services Ukraine on acquisition and registration of financial institutions in Ukraine: banks, insurance companies, pension funds, asset management and leasing companies, etc.
  • Legal support in tendering procedures for acquisition of long term lease or ownership
  • Legal support of Public Private Partnership  (PPP), concessions (highways, airports, sea ports, transmission facilities)
  • Legal support Ukraine in tendering
  • Legal support Ukraine of acquisitions and disposals (asset and share deals) as well as sale of real estate in Ukraine and leaseback
  • Legal support Ukraine of  transactions, including freehold and leasehold conveyancing
  • Legal support  Ukraine for the establishment of joint ventures, concessions and other forms of business structure
  • Licensing and certification
  • Pre-trial settlement of economic disputes
  • Privatization of refineries and distribution facilities
  • Project appraisal
  • Protecting investors (corporate law)
  • Purchase-sale of legal entity
  • Receipt of permission and making of additional seals and stamps
  • Registering property (real estate law)
  • Registration of branch
  • Registration of change of legal entity’s name to the constituent documents
  • Registration of changes to the constituent documents of legal entity
  • Registration of foreign company representative office
  • Registration of private entrepreneur
  • Registration of the private, public joint-stock company
  • Representation in various state organs and regulatory authorities  including Antimonopoly Committee, National Bank of  Ukraine, Securities and Stock Market State Commission
  • Reception of identification code for foreigners
  • Secured and unsecured lending and loans complex legal support
  • Starting a business (corporate law)
  • State Government support on financing and investor selection
  • Support of transactions of agriculture land, real estate, businesses and land to be purchased for construction, renovation and project development,
  • Support Sale and purchase of business,
  • Tax Ukraine
  • Trial, pretrial and alternative resolution of dispute
  • Vessels registration


Ukraine Law  - Parliament of Ukraine